Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion plugin for Adobe After Effects

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Stereo Processing Suite
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Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion

Technical requirements

  • Adobe After Effects version: CS5.5 or above
  • Memory requirements: 2 GB minimum, 8 GB recommended
  • Works with: no significant related tools
  • Main use cases: automatic generation of stereo from multiview for a given number of views and parallax; usable for parallax change in stereo

Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion

Nowadays, autostereoscopic monitors constitute a significant part of the 3D market. These monitors allow viewers to see the real depth of objects without using special glasses, and they are an excellent platform for advertising, which has not yet managed to bore consumers. But the content situation for such displays is complicated by the fact that they do not use stereo video sequences and typically require a special multi-angle format: multiview video. Another obstacle is the fact that different monitors have different numbers of required views for playback. YUVsoft offers a special Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion tool designed to produce multiview content from stereo video sequences. The tool, available as an Adobe After Effects plug-in, supports an arbitrary number of views, which means it enables users to obtain any required number of views from the source stereo footage and to thereby use this content with different displays.

The plug-in can both increase and decrease the source parallax (i.e., the technology can create interpolated and extrapolated views). Another noteworthy point is that Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion can work either with the previously obtained disparity map or without it. If the input is only a stereo pair, the Depth from Stereo technology provides disparity maps for the conversion.

Key features of YUVsoft Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion are:

  • Generation of the n-view video for both inside and outside angles of the source stereo pair (interpolation and extrapolation)
  • Creation of an arbitrary number of views
  • Processing speed of 1 fps for 640×480-resolution video when generating nine views

YUVsoft Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion in use:

Source stereo pair, left viewSource stereo pair, left view


Source stereo pair, right viewSource stereo pair, right view


The Number of views option equals 32, source Parallax increased by 8 times:

MultiviewMultiview image, parallax increased by 8 times (the image was cropped to hide stretch on boundaries)


Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion toolbarStereo-to-Multiview Conversion window


Adobe After Effects composition for Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion pluginAdobe After Effects composition for Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion plugin


The input for Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion is a source stereo video, or a stereo video and disparity map video for both the left and right views. The algorithm then outputs the required number of video sequences with angle views (the number of multiview videos is determined by the Number of views value).

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