Methods of Background Reconstruction

Background Reconstruction
Stereo Genetaror
Available for After Effects and Nuke
Nuke After Effects

The YUVsoft Background Reconstruction plugin creates input data for the final stage of 3D video creation: conversion from 2D to stereo or multiview video. The algorithm restores occluded background areas that were invisible to the 2D camera because of foreground objects. In case of camera motion or object movement, you can use the plugin to restore background details for a certain frame using information from other frames; this method is called Temporal inpainting.

Source image

Source image and background restored by Temporal inpainting method

Reconstruction of the missing background is a crucial stage of 2D-to-3D video conversion, and it requires precise processing to yield an impressive 3D image. The YUVsoft Background Reconstruction plugin successfully tackles this important task. The restored background then can used by YUVsoft Stereo Generator.

Watch the tutorial on Background Reconstruction use in Nuke:


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