2D to Stereo 3D Conversion Service

Taking advantage of our unique software, we offer services in 2D–to–stereo 3D conversion. We provide both high-quality conversion for theatrical movies, and medium-quality conversion for 3DTV and digital signage. Staying in the trend, we offer conversion for 360-degree VR video. Also, we perform depth correction for stereo. Our service offers several key benefits:

  • High conversion speed
    •  Full-length movie conversion in good quality within three months
    • Modular structure of our conversion team allows us to adapt to large projects and their workflows
  • Competitive price
  • Security
    • Experience in working with Hollywood content
    • Technical and organizational methods to protect confidential content
  • Communication and availability
    • Experience in working with Hollywood stereo supervisors
    • 24/7 communication via phone, Skype and email
    • Up to 50 Mbit/s dedicated channel


Price depends mainly on quality requirements, video complexity and deadlines. Below are some estimates.

Quality Use case Price (per minute)
Low-resolution commercials, low-budget film library conversion, digital signage for glasses-free 3D displays, 3DTV From $1000
Medium quality Stereo 3D commercials, high-quality multiview
advertisements, high-quality 3DTV, cinema, 360-degree video applications
From $2750
Hollywood quality High-end commercials,
high-end theatrical movies
Depends on material complexity and deadlines

For information on pricing and terms, as well as requests for demo conversions, please contact our sales staff. Demo reels are provided on request.

Possible output formats:

  • Various types of stereo as image sequences (DPX, TIFF) and video containers, including DCP
  • 2D+Depth, including quad format with additional background information
  • Multiview with arbitrary number of views