High-quality removal of motion blur

Short Description


Motion blur artifacts are a result of shooting a scene with rapid movement. Most often, motion blur artifacts become apparent if a video camera with long exposure time is used. Such artifacts are easily visible on high-contrast displays such as CRT, LCD and flat-panel plasma displays. Motion blur greatly obscures objects edges.

Our algorithm is designed for motion blur artifact removal. The main advantage of the algorithm is automatic estimation of motion blur parameters for each pixel in a frame. Exposure time is the only user-specified parameter for the algorithm. Pixels values are restored using estimated blur parameters.

Advantages of the YUV Deblur include intelligent edge processing and complex motion area filtration. Intelligent edge processing minimizes secondary contours, which are a ubiquitous problem for deblurring algorithms. Also, the algorithm minimizes deblurring in areas with complex motion, which is a typical cause of prominent artifacts.

The technology can also be used for adding artificial motion blur to video. This effect is useful for making synthetic video look more natural.

Primary Applications

  • Post-processing of captured video
  • Video editing
  • Digital camcorders
  • Flat-panel LCD and plasma displays

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Intelligent edges areas processing
  • Adjustable speed/quality trade-off
  • No known direct competitors

Basic Deliverables

  • Source code for a reference implementation in C
  • C and assembly language source code for an implementation optimized for the PC (if required)
  • C++ and assembly language source code for an implementation optimized for the PC (if required)
  • Algorithm description
  • Software description
  • Verification instructions

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