Frame Rate Conversion

Versatile technology for increasing video frame rate by a factor of 2 or more

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Frame-rate conversion is essential for providing smooth video playback in applications with strictly limited bandwidth, such as cell phone networks, and for preventing video flickering and motion jitter effects on large LCD, CRT or plasma displays.

Our solution uses complex motion estimation algorithms to create high-quality interpolated frames, thus increasing the video frame rate. The main advantage of our solution is that it is robust with respect to motion complexity. Even in cases of complicated motion, and unlike other algorithms of this kind, the YUV FRC algorithm produces high-quality interpolated frames.

Here is an example output for a case of complex motion (red lines are superimposed for convenience):


Frame 1 Interpolated frame obtained from frames 1 and 2 Frame 2

Examples of Work

This example shows comparison results for the “Stefan” test video sequence:

Retimer FRC Motion Perfect FRC

The diagram below shows the objective comparison result based on the PSNR metric. The higher values of PSNR indicate higher quality in the video sequence. The horizontal axis of the chart is labeled with the names of the test video sequences. The vertical axis is labeled with the average PSNR values for each test video sequence. YUV FRC yields the best results for the majority of the test sequences.

Primary Applications

  • Smart-phones, PDAs and other mobile devices
  • LCD and plasma displays
  • 3D displays
  • Videoconferencing
  • Video transcoding
  • Captured video post-processing
  • Video editing (slow motion—”slo-mo”—effect)

Key Features

  • Arbitrary interpolation factor including fractional numbers
  • Adjustable speed/quality trade-off
  • Fully automatic
  • Special version for creating multi-angle video streams for 3D displays

Basic Deliverables

  • Source code for a reference implementation in C
  • C and assembly language source code for an implementation optimized for the PC (if required)
  • Algorithm description
  • Software description
  • Verification instructions

Contact Information

For information on licensing, please contact our sales staff.