Depth Map Dilation

Depth maps are explicitly used by YUVsoft Stereo Generator for 2D–to–stereo 3D conversion, because the most common way to generate a stereo pair is to use 2D+Depth technology. But sometimes when you use subpixel-precision shifts while generating views, you may get out of the foreground objects’ borders on the depth map and obtain artifacts on these edges. This problem also appears when part of the foreground object belongs to the background area of the depth map or when the resulting stereo video should have a large parallax. These clearly visible halos can wreck the quality of your 3D video.

The Dilate depth map option in the YUVsoft Stereo Generator plugin fixes these stripes and halos by adding pixels around the foreground object borders in the source depth map.

Source image

Source image


Artifact example: left view without depth map dilation

Artifact example: left view with Dilate depth map disabled


Depth map without dilation

Depth map without dilation


The Dilate depth map option in the YUVsoft Stereo Generator plugin automatically removes halos from your video. All you need to do is set the dilation radius in the Stereo Generator toolbar.

Dilate depth map tool in Stereo Generator toolbar

Dilate depth map option in YUVsoft Stereo Generator


This feature automatically handles the depth map in real time. The program allows you to manually select the dilation radius, giving you new dilated depth maps that reduce or eliminate these annoying artifacts and halos. But you will see the best quality improvement for low-texture and blurred backgrounds.

Depth map was extended with few pixels

Depth map extended by a few pixels


These stereo pair samples were obtained with the Dilate depth map option enabled.

Left view with depth map dilation

Left view with Dilate depth map enabled


Right view without depth map dilation Right view with depth map dilation

Right view without (left) and with (right) Dilate depth map enabled


The Depth map dilation approach in YUVsoft Stereo Generator eliminates the halo problem in stereo video. This feature automatically eliminates artifacts caused by a large parallax and smoothes the foreground-background edges.


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