Color Enhancement

Short Description


Colors in old photos and chroma films inevitably fade or distort over time. The exact type of degradation largely depends on the type of film, the storage conditions and the age of the picture or video. Usually it is possible to estimate this distortion and reconstruct the original colors with high precision.
We offer a set of algorithms for restoration of colors in video and images digitized from degraded films and photos. These algorithms enable automatic or semiautomatic color enhancement in digitized pictures.

Primary Applications

  • Restoration of video and images
  • Video and image editing

Key Features

  • Detail preservation
  • Adjustable speed/quality trade-off
  • Tunable to different film specifics
  • Applicable both to video and to static images

Basic Deliverables

  • Source code for a reference implementation in C or C++
  • C/C++ and assembly language source code for an implementation optimized for the PC (if required)
  • Algorithm description
  • Software description
  • Verification instructions

Contact Information

For information on licensing, please contact our sales staff.