Old Film Restore

High-quality restoration through removal of scratches, spots and other artifacts encountered in old cinema

Short Description


Digitization of old film often requires video restoration. Almost 95% of old videos are corrupted by various types of noise, scratches, spots, fingerprints, exfoliation and other artifacts. We provide technology that can automatically detect such artifacts and remove them with high accuracy. For achieving the best quality, a semiautomatic mode can be used to tune settings for each scene.

Not only can our solution suppress severe artifacts while preserving details, but it can even restore missing details by using information from neighboring frames.


Primary Applications

  • Digitization of analog video archives
  • Digitizing and restoration of old movies
  • Home video restoration
  • High-quality denoising for extremely noisy video

Key Features

  • Automatic and semi-automatic processing
  • Detail preservation and restoration
  • Adjustable speed/quality trade-off

Basic Deliverables

  • Source code for a reference implementation in C
  • C and assembly language source code for an implementation optimized for the PC (if required)
  • Algorithm description
  • Software description
  • Verification instructions

Contact Information

For information on licensing, please contact our sales staff.