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Background Reconstruction plugin Depth Effects plugin Depth Depth from Motion plugin Depth from Stereo plugin Depth Normalization plugin Depth Propagation plugin Depth Refinement plugin Depth Upscale plugin Matting plugin Parallax Corrector plugin Particle Detection plugin Stereo Correction plugin Stereo Generator plugin Stereo Ghost Busting plugin Stereo-to-Multiview plugin
2D to 3D Suite

A complete toolset of professional plugins for depth map creation, processing and high-quality stereo generation.

Depth Effects Depth Effects Allows to obtain detailed depth for static scenes and background areas and is one of the main plugins
for key frame creation.
Depth Propagation Depth Propagation Provides automatic propagation of a given depth map from one or two frames to the entire scene or the selected scene fragment.
Particle Detection Particle Detection Works well
for scenes with blurred foreground objects and allows to create mask of small particles in a frame (rain or snow for example).
Depth from Motion Depth from Motion A good solution for obtaining depth key frames from scenes
with camera motion.
Depth Upscale Depth Upscale Accurate increase of a low-resolution depth map with the use of information about boundaries of objects from the original frame (with higher resolution).
Depth Brushes Depth Brushes A set of special brushes for fast, easy and accurate depth map creating and editing.
Stereo Generator Stereo Generator A whole Stereo Generator toolset.

Stereo Generator

A complete toolset for high quality stereo generation with special tools for accurate fuzzy boundaries processing and background reconstruction.

Depth Refinement Depth Refinement Corrects edge mismatches between source frames and depth map
and helps to improve crude rotoscope masks.
Depth Normalization Depth Normalization Performs automatic equalization of histograms for a sequence
of depth maps.
Stereo Ghost Busting Stereo Ghost Busting Hepls to eliminate an appearence of a ghost of the left view image in the right view image and vice versa, caused by problems with stereo projectors.
Matting Matting Special technology for processing semitransparent and fuzzy edges between foreground objects and background.
Background Reconstruction Background reconstruction The tool for high-quality background restoration using information from other frames in the sequence.
Stereo Generator Stereo Generator The main tool for high quality stereo generation from 2D+Depth video.
Stereo Processing Suite

A set of professional plugins for stereo video post-processing and correction, also includes a special plugin for stereo-to-multiview conversion. See also Stereo Processing Suite Lite.

Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion A convenient tool for fast stereo-to-multiview conversion of your stereoscopic content.
Stereo Correction Stereo Correction Fixes vertical parallax and tilts between right and left views,
and enables elimination of color mismatches in the input stereo pair.
Depth from Stereo Depth from Stereo Evaluates real shifts between the left and right views in a stereo pair
to create a depth map.
Depth Upscale Depth Upscale Accurate increase of a low-resolution depth map with the use of information about boundaries of objects from the original frame (with higher resolution).
Paralax Corrector Parallax Corrector Changes the parallax value ​​of the original stereo pair (both increase and decrease modes are available), using information from the disparity map.



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