Stereo Ghost Busting Plugin for Adobe After Effects

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Stereo Ghost Busting
Stereo Generator
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Stereo Ghost Busting

Technical requirements

  • Adobe After Effects version: CS5.5 or above
  • Memory requirements: 2 GB minimum, 4 GB recommended
  • Works with: Stereo Generator
  • Main use cases: elimination of the crosstalk effect from stereo sequence

Stereo Ghost Busting

Sometimes situations occur where stereo artifacts are not a consequence of low-quality video, but of bad equipment. One of the most common cases is when a complete overlap of views is not achieved, owing to the characteristics of polarizing filters; thus, some light intended for one eye reaches the other and vice versa. This effect is called crosstalk, and it manifests itself as an appearence of a ghost of the left view image in the right view image while viewing stereo and vice versa. Such artifacts can cause extreme fatigue and headaches, and they can completely turn off viewers. YUVsoft offers its Stereo Ghost Busting plugin for Adobe After Effects; this plugin can partially subtract the left view of a stereomate from the right view (and vice versa) to compensate for defects in polarization between glasses and the stereo projector.

YUVsoft Stereo Ghost Busting key features are:

  • Automatic elimination of ghosting from stereo sequence
  • Real-time processing speed

Stereo Ghost Busting in use:

Ghosting exampleCrosstalk example for the left view: a part of image from the right view produces ghosting effect


Stereo Ghost Busting toolbarStereo Ghost Busting window


Adobe After Effects composition for Stereo Ghost Busting pluginAdobe After Effects composition for Stereo Ghost Busting plugin


The plugin is easy to use and has a single option, GhostBust power, which determines the percentage of the frame color that is subtracted from the rest view. All processing is realized automatically; the user need only select a suitable GhostBust power value. Input for YUVsoft Stereo Ghost Busting is the source stereomate sequence. The software then outputs the corrected stereo video sequence.

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