Parallax Corrector Plugin for Adobe After Effects

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Parallax Corrector
Stereo Processing Suite
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Parallax Corrector

Technical requirements

  • Adobe After Effects version: CS5.5 or above
  • Memory requirements: 2 GB minimum, 8 GB recommended
  • Works with: Depth from Stereo and Stereo Correction
  • Main use cases: parallax correction, screen plane editing

Parallax Corrector

3D video that was originally filmed or converted for cinema screens should have a certain parallax value to enable comfortable viewing. The size of 3DTV monitors is much smaller, however; disparity in a few pixels between the objects may be almost invisible on the screen. Thus, the displacement between objects in stereo intended for a TV should be at least 1.5 times greater than that for a movie theater. This means that for a good 3D effect on a typical TV display, the parallax of the content must be greater than that of films intended for cinemas. Another situation in which changing the source parallax is useful is when showing the same content on different displays. Comfortable parallax (such that one can observe a strong 3D effect without any ghosting in the eyes) is an important parameter characterizing a stereo pair. Poor parallax and ghosting in stereomates may cause eye strain and headaches. Various monitors have their own range of comfortable parallax values, and transferring a sample from one display type to another without losing stereo quality can be problematic.

One way to change parallax is to obtain a disparity map and then generate stereo with a different parallax value using the original 2D sequence. But this method is rather complicated and time-consuming: First, you must obtain accurate and detailed disparity information for the scene. Second, you must select suitable parameters for the stereo generation process. The YUVsoft Parallax Corrector plugin is designed to address both of these problems by eliminating the need for an explicit disparity map and for selecting numerous parameters. The plugin automatically changes the video’s parallax using just a source stereo pair.

Key features of YUVsoft Parallax Corrector are

  • Either decrease or increase source parallax; independent adjustment of left and right views
  • Change the Zero level—or cameras’ convergence point—of source stereo
  • Increase the 3D effect inside or outside of the screen (e.g., the disparity of objects behind the screen is doubled without changing areas in front of the screen)

YUVsoft Parallax Corrector in use:

Source framesSource frames


Frames with changed parallax valueFrames with increased parallax value (Parallax = 140%)


Frames with changed parallax valueFrames with decreased parallax value (Parallax = 60%)


Side-by-side stereo mates for 3 upper imagesSide-by-side stereo mates for 3 upper images


YUVsoft Parallax Corrector optionsYUVsoft Parallax Corrector options


Adobe After Effects Parallax Corrector plugin interfaceAdobe After Effects Parallax Corrector plugin interface


YUVsoft Parallax Corrector uses the source stereomate as input. You then receive the stereo pair with the new parallax value as output.

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