Automatic Depth Estimation

YUVsoft possesses a wide range of technologies for fast, automatic depth map generation. Depending on your current task and quality requirements, you can use the resulting depth maps as an initial draft depth, as object masks or even as the final video depth.

Depth Effects

YUVsoft Depth Effects technology is a good solution for scenes with complex backgrounds, including trees and bushes, which should have different depth grades in the resulting depth map. You can also use Depth Effects simultaneously with rotoscoping to automatically add micro relief to depth maps.

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Depth from Motion

YUVsoft Depth from Motion technology allows you to obtain true relative depth information from scenes with camera motion. Depth from Motion successfully handles background depth generation for plane-parallel motion, camera panning and zooming. You can use rotoscoping to accurately handle foreground objects that are in motion.

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Depth from Focus

YUVsoft Depth from Focus technology was developed specifically for complex images like those containing snow, rain or underwater footage. Depth from Focus can also give you impressive results for explosions, and it works well for scenes where foreground objects are blurred and where manual rotoscoping is an undesirably complex and expensive option.

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