2D to 3D Suite Overview

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2D to 3D Suite product includes a broad range of professional tools, enhancing and simplifying stereoscopic 3D conversion and postproduction for motion-picture and TV content. The product is designed for medium-size VFX and production studios, as well as large conversion studios. It contains both versions for After Effects and NUKE.

2D to 3D Suite offers the following benefits:

  • Depth markup propagation from key frames — decreases number of frames requiring rotoscoping for all or several objects
  • High-quality stereo generation using background reconstruction — automatic stereo generation with an essential minimization of manual work
  • Automatic generation of plausible depth maps in many cases — rotoscoping may only be necessary for key foreground objects and objects with complex borders

Watch the tutorials on Depth Propagation and Stereo Generator basic usage (a playlist of 2 videos).

2d to 3d Suite2D to 3D Suite Tool List:

  • Automatic depth map estimation modules:
  • Depth map editing modules:
Depth Propagation Depth Propagation (After Effects|Nuke)
Depth Brushes Depth editing brushes and depth correction filters
Depth Upscale Depth Upscale (After Effects|Nuke)
  • Stereo Generator (After Effects|Nuke) — high-quality 2D+Depth-to-stereo conversion with:

Watch the workflow-themed tutorials on different conversion topics to illustrate the features and possibilities of 2D to 3D Suite (a playlist of 5 videos).

Technical Requirements

  • Adobe After Effects:
    • Adobe After Effects CS5.5 or later, including CC 2017
    • Microsoft Windows 64-bit environment
    • At least 2GB of RAM; 8GB or more recommended
  • Nuke:
    • Nuke 7 or later, Nuke 6 x64 support upon request
    • Microsoft Windows 64-bit environment


License pricing varies with number of seats and required tools. For further licensing information, contact YUVsoft’s sales staff. Remember to specify your required number of seats or typical use cases.


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