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Stereo Correction
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Technical requirements

  • Adobe After Effects version: CS5.5 or above
  • Memory requirements: 2 GB minimum, 8 GB recommended
  • Works with: usable as a preprocessing tool for Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion
  • Main use cases: corrects mismatches between stereo views: global geometry correction, elimination of global and local differences in color and brightness

Stereo Correction

Geometric distortion and differences in color shades between stereo frames are common problems for automatic stereo processing, such as stereo-to-multiview conversion. These artifacts greatly decrease the subjective visual quality of resulting stereo video.
A few types of mismatches are typical in stereo sequences. Temporal shift is usually the easiest to correct—it simply requires proper synchronization, and few modern stereo cameras have any problem in this area. Spatial mismatches are a much more complex challenge. Vertical parallax and tilt are the result of incorrect camera alignment in space. Differences in color between right and left views originate from a number of factors; the following are just the most prevalent ones:

  • 3D cameras sometimes have different physical sensors, or sensor characteristics change considerably within their viewing area; different cameras in a rig may heat differently, thus changing sensor properties
  • Cameras may have different optics, possibly causing a slight brightness mismatch
  • Imprecise calibration of cameras in a rig
  • slightly different light conditions for each camera in a rig

These factors can cause you lots of trouble when you’re processing stereo video, and they decrease visual quality. High-quality stereo must contain only horizontal parallax, and it must have the same object color for both views. Furthermore, viewers watching mismatched stereo content may suffer deleterious effects like headaches or negative emotions. The YUVsoft Stereo Correction plugin for Adobe After Effects was specifically designed to correct such common problems.

Key features of YUVsoft Stereo Correction are

  • Automatic elimination of color shade differences
  • Vertical parallax and tilt removal

Stereo Correction in use:

Source frames containing geometry distortion and color differencesSource frames containing geometry distortion and color differences


Corrected stereo pairCorrected stereo pair


The Correct geometry mode fixes tilt and shift between left and right views in your source video. The Correct color mode adjusts color shades between stereo views. These two modes can be enabled simultaneously for optimum results.

Stereo Correction toolbarStereo Correction options


Adobe After Effects Stereo Correction plugin interfaceAdobe After Effects Stereo Correction plugin interface


The YUVsoft Stereo Correction plugin for Adobe After Effects uses a side-by-side stereo pair sequence as input. You then receive the corrected stereo pair video in the same format.

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