Intelligent robust concealment and extraction of information in video

Short Description


Information is often hidden in images or video. A common application of this concept is watermarking. Our technology allows any file to be concealed in a video sequence and the information to be encrypted with a given key, if required. Hidden data can be extracted from the video even after compression or filtering.

The YUV Watermarking technology effectively hides information and prevents video stream analysis from detecting that information.

The difference between source video and video with hidden information is unnoticeable:

Primary Applications

  • Video content watermarking for video production or broadcasting
  • Secure information transmission
  • Video content tagging
  • Protection from video editing

Key Features

  • Information concealed without noticeable distortion of image or video
  • Error correction, which prevents corruption of information due to lossy compression and filtration
  • Algorithm operates at bitrates as low as 500 Kbps for SIF video (704×576)
  • Up to 25 concealed bytes per 704×576 frame

Basic Deliverables

  • Source code for a reference implementation in C
  • C and assembly language source code for an implementation optimized for the PC (if required)
  • Algorithm description
  • Software description
  • Verification instructions

Contact Information

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