Stereo Processing Suite Lite

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YUVsoft Stereo Processing Suite Lite provides a set of Adobe After Effects plug-ins for 3D-video correction and is a less costly alternative to YUVsoft Stereo Processing Suite Pro. Using this toolset, you can handle most essential stereo postproduction tasks, including color- and geometry-mismatch correction and parallax editing. Only After Effects CS5.x and CS6 for Windows are supported at the moment.

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The YUVsoft Stereo Processing Suite Lite is an ideal solution to the many problems faced during stereo production. The Color Corrector and the Geometry Corrector have been the most accurate and simplest solutions that our company has found available—at a cost that is much cheaper than any of the alternatives out there.

Tools in the Lite version still function automatically, meaning you need not perform any tedious manual control. YUVsoft’s competitive prices make the stereo-enhancement process affordable for practically any professional user.


YUVsoft offers the following tools for stereo-video improvement and conversion:

Color Corrector Color Corrector—Automatically corrects color mismatches $229 Buy now
Geometry Corrector Geometry Corrector—Automatically corrects geometry mismatches $149 Buy now
Depth from Stereo Lite Depth from Stereo Lite—Automatically estimates disparity maps $199 Buy now
Parallax Corrector Lite Parallax Corrector Lite—Automatically changes stereo parallax according to user settings

Requires disparity maps as input, e.g. created using Depth from Stereo Lite

$199 Buy now
All in one—Full set of stereo-processing tools in one package $699 Buy now

Requirements for Stereo Processing Suite Lite:

  • Windows environment (Windows XP 64 bit or Windows 7 recommended)
  • Adobe After Effects CS5 / CS5.5 / CS6

    Frame caching in AE 6 and CC may deteriorate quality, CS 5.5 recommended for robust processing results.

  • Internet connection is required to install the software
  • Resolution of each view cannot exceed 1080p


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Need even more features?

Consider Stereo Processing Suite Pro.

Key advantages of Pro version:

  1. No input resolution limitations
  2. Additional tools for advanced users
  3. Versions available for both The Foundry Nuke and Adobe After Effects
  4. More fine-tuning capabilities for processing parameters to achieve the best-quality results