Depth from Stereo Lite

 Depth from Stereo Lite is a part of   Stereo Processing Suite Lite

Available as a plugin for  Adobe After Effects


Depth from Stereo Lite plugin takes the side-by-side stereo as input and yields the disparity maps, which reflect shifts in objects contained in the input. The output is the pair of depth maps (for the left and right view) for each input frame.

Depth maps are widely used in stereoscopy: stereo generation, stereo processing and stereo-to-multiview conversion all use disparity. Thus, depth maps obtained from Depth from Stereo Lite can be used to generate 3D video with different parallax values relative to the source video. You need only apply the Parallax Corrector Lite to the output depth maps obtained using Depth from Stereo Lite.

Depth from Stereo user interface

Depth from Stereo user interface

Requirements for Depth from Stereo Lite:

  • Windows environment (Windows XP 64 bit or Windows 7 recommended)
  • Adobe After Effects CS5 / CS5.5 / CS6

    Frame caching in AE 6 and CC may deteriorate quality, CS 5.5 recommended for robust processing results.

  • Internet connection is required to install the software
  • Resolution of each view cannot exceed 1080p




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