Depth Editing Technologies

We have a wide range of technologies that allow you to edit depth maps simply and accurately.

Depth Propagation

YUVsoft Depth Propagation is a unique technology that allows you to start with a key frame obtained using other plug-ins or manual painting and propagate that frame’s depth information through the whole video sequence. Also, this technology is useful for propagating local manual changes from one depth frame to the rest of the sequence. Thus, you need not redraw the entire video depth map by hand—YUVsoft Depth Propagation does the work for you.

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Depth Refinement

YUVsoft Depth Refinement technology corrects edge mismatches between the depth map and source frame. Depth Refinement is also useful for depth maps with blurred or expanded edges.

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Depth Upscale

YUVsoft Depth Upscale tool allows to accurately increase the resolution of depth maps in a way that edges of objects in a depth image stay clear and consistent to boundaries in the original full-resolution 2D image.

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