YUVsoft and Steve Wright create the next tutorial on Depth Propagation

Depth Propagation

As promised, we continue with in-depth tutorials on 2D to 3D Suite. Thanks to productive cooperation with Steve Wright the second tutorial is available at YouTube. It is dedicated to Depth Propagation.

Depth Propagation advantages:

  • Less number of roto masks and for fewer frames
  • Time and cost efficiency: manual work reduced significantly
  • Depth map creation for background and foreground
  • Depth Propagation supports object depth change in a scene

As a rule it is used to create depth map for background, but it also can be applied to propagate detailed depth map for foreground, if motion is not fast and there are ready made masks for contours of objects to propagate.

Depth Propagation simplifies the process of conversion:

  • Detailed depth maps only for key frames are needed (not for the whole sequence)
  • Detailed depth map will be propagated for all other frames
  • One mask per object is needed for foreground processing

So take a look how to make the workflow easier and to use Depth Propagation in a right way.

Depth Propagation tool is available for NUKE and After Effects.