Stereo Generator Plugin for After Effects

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Stereo Generator
Stereo Generator
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Stereo Generator

Technical requirements

  • Adobe After Effects version: CS5.5 or above
  • Memory requirements: 2 GB minimum, 4 GB recommended
  • Works with: all depth tools, Matting and Background Reconstruction
  • Main use cases: stereo generation from 2D+Depth

Stereo Generator

Stereo 3D video is a highly acclaimed format not only for cinema, but for television and home video. Therefore you need a convenient, reliable tool for 2D–to–stereo 3D conversion, and YUVsoft is ready to meet that need with a professional plugin for Adobe After Effects: Stereo Generator.

Key features of YUVsoft Stereo Generator are:

  • Output formats:
    • Stereo pair
    • Multiview sequence consisting of views generated for different parallax values
  • “Soft edge” technologies for correct processing of semi-transparent boundaries between foreground objects and background
  • Support of external clean plates (reconstructed background areas)
  • Depth map dilation and Depth map smoothing technologies to compensate for inaccurate depth maps
  • Interlaced output format for stereo 3D preview on certain 3D displays
  • Generation of the occlusion mask
  • No resolution limitations, works with 4K and 8K content
  • 32 bit depth

YUVsoft Stereo Generator in use:

Source imageSource image


Depth mapDepth map


Different parallax values exampleOutput stereo pair, different Parallax values example


Stereo generator optionsStereo Generator options


Stereo generator interfaceStereo Generator interface


The plugin for Adobe After Effects uses the source video and a source depth map as input. You then get the stereo pair footage as output. To improve quality, you also need restored background. You can obtain this background data as well as depth map for restored background areas using the YUVsoft Background Reconstruction plugin.

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