Stereo Generator Software Winners

YUVsoft Corp., a developer of 2D-to-stereo-3D conversion and postproduction software, has launched in August 2013 a Stereo Generator promotion, dedicated to a new tool — Background Reconstruction (BGR). Enriching the Stereo Generator with BGR simplifies and accelerates the creation of clean plates by automatically reconstructing background details.

YUVsoft would like to thank all participants, who took interest in Stereo Generator Software Promotion. Now it’s time to announce the drawing results and the winners of Stereo Generator licenses (in alphabetical order):

  • DEXTER STUDIOS, Mr. Chuck Chae (Korea)
  • Legend3d, Mr. Brandon McMenamin (USA)
  • Studio Cubic, Mr. Stanislav Nagrebetskiy (Kazakhstan)

The warmest congratulations to the winners! YUVsoft is wishing you good luck and an easy workflow with Stereo Generator.